The Student Exchange Program

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The Student Exchange Program is one of the School of Political Science and Laws’ most significant initiatives. This is due to the School’s recognition that broadening the boundaries of the student experience in order to interact with foreign people, countries, and cultures is critical for learning in today’s fast-changing world. It is the official program through which students can conveniently and comprehensively receive such opportunities and experiences. It is also expected to be the initial step in familiarizing students with other societies so that they can one day make the entire world their own place.

At the moment, the Political Science Program is largely responsible for coordinating the School’s student exchange programs. This academic activity has been specifically included in virtually every Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of academic collaboration with which the Political Science program has reached an agreement. Student exchanges will be legally acknowledged and extensively overseen by both parties through these memorandums, to the maximum benefit of students participating in the program.

In order to complement the study plans of the ASEAN Studies major, the Political Science Program has established the first phase of student exchanges to focus on universities in the ASEAN region. The exchanges will include activities such as sending students to summer camps and short-term language training programs in Indonesia and Malaysia, as agreed upon with partner universities. Meanwhile, the Political Science Program will look after exchange students from Indonesia and Malaysia who will be participating in cultural exchanges and cooperative education projects.

Students will have close contact with the people and societies of neighboring countries, which may inspire them to pursue more serious studies. Meanwhile, as international students are brought under the Program’s supervision, they will undoubtedly become new friends who will enrich the Program’s learning activities. They could be the Program’s language instructors, as well as buddies when students are required to travel to study abroad.