Public Administration Curriculum

(Recent curriculum, revised 2021)

The title of the degree
Bachelor of Public Administration

Program philosophy
To create graduates with extensive knowledge of public administration, the ability to apply that knowledge to the work of both public and private agencies, and a thorough understanding of economic, social, and technological changes.

Objectives of the Program

  1. To create graduates with both public administration knowledge and capabilities.
  2. To create graduates who are well-versed in public policy analysis and have the ability to apply their knowledge.
  3. To educate graduates in local government, public finance and budgeting, and human resource management.
  4. To create graduates who are capable of solving issues and creating new work.
  5. To create graduates with a high potential for working successfully with information technology.
  6. To create graduates with strong values, ethics, and social awareness.

Desirable graduate

  1. Graduates with strong morals, ethics, and public awareness.
  2. Graduates with a strong understanding of public administration.
  3. Graduates with a specialization in human resource management.
  4. Graduates capable of integrating technology into job development and research aimed at solving issues in government and commercial companies.
  5. Graduates who can communicate well in English.

Choosing a career path

  1. Officer of Operations Administration
  2. Local government officials
  3. Policy and Planning Analyst
  4. Human resources
  5. Labor Scholar
  6. Human resource developer
  7. General Manager
  8. Employees of government and private enterprises

Guidelines for advanced studies at the graduate level
Graduates can pursue master’s and doctorate degrees in public administration or other fields of study at domestic and international universities after graduation.

The cost of tuition
The semester tuition is 12,700 baht.
Tuition for the whole course is 152,400 baht.