Our Vision

Strengthen the School of Political Science and Law’s standing in national and international scholarly communities.

Our Mission

The School of Political Science and Law was founded with the following key objectives in mind:

  • To generate graduates who are integrated experts in their fields, as well as morally and intellectually competent.
  • To seek knowledge and participate in the creation of social innovations by integrating all related disciplines that are relevant to Thai local and global contexts.
  • To establish ourselves as the academic community’s focal point, providing knowledge transfer services and social innovations on a locally and globally scale.
  • To promote, support, and preserve arts and culture that are relevant to local and global contexts in an integrated way.
  • To develop the School of Political Science and Laws into a highly competent governance institution.

Our Identity

Academic Advancement, Excellent Professionalism, Moral Society’s Foundation, Enhancing Thai Society

Our Objectives

  • To assist the university’s strategic policy in accordance with “The Conceptual Framework for Walailak University’s Development (2011-2015).”
  • To establish Walailak University into a prominent academic institution, particularly in the disciplines of law and political science.
  • To educate graduates who are knowledgeable, competent, and have a sense of communal responsibility for the public.
  • To undertake academic research in political sciences and law in order to improve local society in the South and Thai society in general.

Our Culture

P O L S C I – L :   Political Science and Laws 

P:    Participation 
O:   Opportunity 
L:    Locality 
S:    Scholarship 
C:    Collaboration 
I:     Internationalization 
L:    Liberty 

The School of Political Science and Laws promotes values and an organizational culture that place a premium on management via staff, student, and stakeholder engagement. It supports academic freedom and serves as an institution that creates opportunities, while also emphasizing collaboration with domestic and international networks. It places a high value on academic achievement, research, and academic services that benefit the local community, while also propelling the university toward internationalization.