Bachelor of Laws Curriculum

(Recent curriculum, revised 2020)

The title of the degree
Bachelor of Laws

Program philosophy
Law graduates are those who have the capacity to utilize the law to achieve justice for all levels of society and enable society to be strong and progressive. As a result, learning law entails more than simply reading texts; students must be aware of the law’s principles, objectives, and spirits. Law students should also be able to apply knowledge from other disciplines to their legal studies so that they can understand societies that are varied and complicated. With all of these, students may comprehend laws and be able to apply the law in a comprehensive way to collect strong evidence in each instance.

Objectives of the Program

  1. To educate graduates with broad legal knowledge and also particular legal knowledge that can impact today’s society and economy. These graduates would be knowledgeable with holistic laws and would be able to use their knowledge both academically and professionally. They can meet the demands of both the public and private sectors, and be a powerful force in the company, community, society, and nation. They can eventually be the force to construct a justifiable economy, politics, and society, as well as the country’s population in responding to the ASEAN Community in a perceptive and knowledgeable manner.
  2. To develop graduates who have knowledge and comprehension of the fundamental principles and intentions of the legislation. As a result, they may adapt and have the right law concepts to correctly interpret diverse legal issues adapted to contemporary conditions while keeping the right things and fairness.
  3. To produce graduates with a thorough understanding of the legal system. They must be socially responsible and have a righteous public consciousness. The curriculum would accomplish these objectives through developing teaching and learning methods that would allow students to learn both theory and practice, as well as assisting them in studying and practicing law in their communities.
  4. 4) To develop graduates who are socially conscious and can contribute to the protection of the individual, community, and human rights based on the concept of equality.

Desirable graduate

  1. be knowledgeable about the law
  2. defend justice for the people
  3. lead the society

Choosing a career path

  1. Judges
  2. Public prosecutors
  3. Lawyers
  4. Legal advisors
  5. Government officials, administrative staff, and police officers
  6. Teachers and researchers
  7. Lawyers at international organizations

Guidelines for advanced studies at the graduate level
Graduates may be eligible to pursue master’s and doctorate degrees in law or other disciplines at any local or foreign university.

The cost of tuition
The semester tuition is 12,700 baht.
Tuition for the whole course is 152,400 baht.