Universiti Taknologi Mara

July 3, 2021

The Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) was founded in 1956. The main campus is located in Shah Alam, the capital city of Selangor on Malaysia’s west coast. UiTM has steadily expanded until recently, and it is now Malaysia’s biggest university in terms of space, buildings, academic programs, and staff and student numbers. The university has 34 satellite campuses throughout the country, offers over 500 programs, and has over 170,000 students enrolled.

Walailak University has a long history of collaboration with UiTM. The academic staff exchange is the two institutions’ primary activity. Walailak University sent a lecturer to UiTM to teach Thai, while UiTM sent a lecturer to Walailak University to teach Malay. This kind of exchange has been in place for so long. In addition, for many years, students from Walailak University went to study Malay at UiTM as part of the in-country Program. UiTM also sent students to serve as interns at Walailak University’s cooperative education program. These UiTM students had taught Malay to Walailak students before they traveled to Malaysia to study in the in-country program. The two universities’ academic cooperation also includes Malay textbooks, a Malay proficiency exam, and many field-research projects in Nakhon Si Thammarat.

The staffs of the Faculty of Political Science and Laws are still in constant contact and interact academically with the staffs of UiTM. This collaboration will undoubtedly continue in the future. Numerous projects are planned, encompassing a broad variety of activities such as student exchange, language teaching cooperation, and research collaboration.