A Conversation with the Parent of a First-Year Political Science Student on Initial Impression of WU and the School

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The school’s website would like to share the opinions and impressions of Mrs. Sasiwan Poolthongkham, the mother of Mr. Pamornthep Poolthongkham, a first-year student in the Political Science Program, about the university and what new students experienced when they first arrived.

“Initially, we, mother and son, were unable to decide what program and where he would continue his education after completing Mathayom 6. After discussing the course specifics over the phone with a professor from Walailak University, we realized that the Political Science Program here placed a strong emphasis on Government and International Relations coursework and expertise. After graduation, students are eligible to take a range of tests for government officer positions and have a strong chance of advancing as executives in the future. As a result, we agreed to allow him to apply to Walailak University. And since my son has arrived to study here, he has not been disappointed since the teachers care about him and provide him helpful advice on a constant basis.

“I queried my son regularly about his time at university. Everything went really well. Teachers have skillfully delivered knowledge and ensured that students comprehend the lessons. They have consistently asked about studying progress and gave good guidance, as well as inquired attentively about his adaption to campus life. Additionally, the university environment is excellent. So that, when he has spare time in the evening, he may cycle around the university for exercise. He could enjoy the nice ambience of the WU Park and the Bota Sky Tower, as well as the campus’s regular flea market.

“As a mother, it gives me pleasure and happiness to know that my son is enjoying his academics and university life. Important was the fact that we really made the best choice by sending him to Walailak University.”