Dr. Wachiraporn Poungjinda's Research Project on Thailand's Land Allocation Policy

November 8, 2021

Dr. Wachiraporn Poungjinda, a Lecturer in the Laws Program, is now working on a research project titled “Criteria and Measures for Land Allocation in Thailand.” 

In this research project, Wachiraporn explored the legal challenges surrounding the implementation of the Land Allocation Act B.E. 2543. The study was carried out by analyzing the ideas, principles, and theories of public law pertaining to Thailand’s laws and mechanisms for land distribution. The study also employs a comparison approach, comparing certain characteristics to other countries’ land distribution policies and measures. 

The findings and knowledge gained from this research project are expected to be strong academic findings and arguments capable of proposing a solution to the problem of effectively enforcing the Land Allocation Act, meeting the purpose of the law that focuses on the protection of public interest, and being in line with the possibility of implementing land allocation for real efficiency in the future. 

(Featured image credit: Matichon Online, www.matichon.co.th)