The Public Administration Program organized the activity "Volunteer to do good for the development of temples in the university" at Wat Saeng Raeng

    On Saturday, September 12, 2020, Prof. Dr. Surasit Wachirakajorn, the Dean of the School of Political Science and Laws and the Public Administration Program students in years 1-4, in collaboration with the Public Administration Students Club, Walailak University did a project “Volunteer to do good for the development of temples in the university” at Wat Saeng Raeng.  They had the objective to jointly develop society and surrounding communities and support students to be public minds.  This is aligned with the university’s teaching and learning approach that doesn’t just focus on teaching in the classroom. But they are d practice and cultivated the conscience of being volunteers know how to work as a team, planning, and management, There were approximately 200 students who participated in this project with Dr. Arpaporn Sukhom, the project advisor.