Master of Public Administration Program The New 2022 Curriculum

The Title of the Degree

            Master of Public Administration


Credits Earned Throughout the Course Duration

            Plan A, Type A2, a minimum of 36 trimester credits

            Plan B, a minimum of 36 trimester credits

Teaching Method

          The mission of the Master of Public Administration Program is for students to have morals and ethics, conduct independent high-level research, and specialize in the advancement of knowledge in the area of public administration. The curriculum focuses primarily on the application of knowledge to area-based development, and students are expected to be able to put policies into practice. The program’s whole learning management procedures are based on the UKPSF (United Kingdom Professional Standard Framework) standard, which Walailak University has used to build teaching and learning standards. The following constitute the instructional framework:

1) Promote and enhance the teaching of instructors and facilitate student learning.

2) Design and manage the teaching and learning process with continuous creativity, innovation, and progress, while acknowledging academic and professional diversity.

3) Recognize the variety of learners and give particular attention to the quality of instruction, learning, and assessment that supports and encourages their learning.

4) Facilitate well-recognized teaching and learning support professionals and institutions, and collaborate with them on research.


Accepting both Thai and foreign students who are proficient in speaking, reading, and writing Thai. The student admission requirements are in compliance with Walailak University’s B.E. 2560 (2017) Regulations for Graduate Studies. If required, the program’s Graduate Studies Board may impose additional requirements. Graduate students from other programs of the university may request for credit transfer and enroll in this program at the discretion of the program’s Graduate Studies Committee.

The Occupational Path

Graduates of the program are eligible to pursue employment in the following fields:

  1. Lecturers, researchers, and scholars at public and private universities.
  2. Government officials, employees of government agencies, state enterprises, and public agencies.
  3. Employees of public benefit organizations.
  4. Executives and supervisors in private companies.
  5. Academics and independent consultants.

Higher Studies

Those who complete this program are eligible to pursue a doctorate in political science or other disciplines at any domestic and abroad universities.

The Cost of Tuition

The semester tuition is 35,000 baht.

Curriculum Structure

The curriculum is organized into the following two study plans in accordance with the B.E. 2558 (2015) Graduate School Standards Framework in Public Administration and the B.E. 2558 (2015) Graduate Program Standards:

         1.Plan A, Type A2 36 credits

             1) Compulsory courses                                                              24 credits

             2) Dissertation                                                                            12 credits

         2.Plan B 36 credits

             1) Compulsory courses                                                             24 credits

             2) Elective courses                                                                      9 credits

             3) Independent Study for Area based Development            3 credits