Student’s Articles from the School of Political Science and Public Administration, Walailak University got published in Surya Newspaper for the second time

Junior students from the School of Political Science and Public Administration (major in ASEAN Studies), Walailak University who are now in their exchange years at the University of Negeri Malang, Indonesia have been selected for article publication in Surya, one of the leading newspapers in East Java. These are four articles selected:

            First, Fadhlina Yapha wrote the article “Menikmati Kunang-kunang dari perahu (Enjoying the Firefly Light on the Boat)”. She presents the Amphawa floating market in Samut Songkhram, an ancient floating market in Thailand, with full of nature and ancient architect. Additionally, she describes a boat trip to visit the fireflies and the way of life of villagers along the canal as a small living museum.

            Second, Pattarawadee Srisa-ard presents Southern Thai dish ‘Khao Yam Bu Du (Nasi kerabu)’ in her article “Warna Meriah Nasi Campur Thailand (Colorful Thai Rice Salad)”. Khao Yam Bu Du is considered a highly nutritious food because it contains a variety of vegetables and herbs dressed in unique flavours, aromas and colours. It also reflects the way of life and culture of the Southern Thai people for many generations.

            Third, Sudarak Jiarawann proposes the article “Riang Dalam Tarian Dike Hulu (The Joy of Dike Hulu Dance)”. Dike Hulu is a folk reflecting the way of life of the Thai-Malay descent from the three southern border provinces of Thailand. Its highlight is the combination of dance moves that represent nature: hands are a gesture of ocean waves, wind and water, while the applause during the folk music represents the uniqueness of their culture.

            Last, Suphanich Disa wrote “Menembak Roket Bang Fai (Boon Bang Fai)” which is about the tradition of Thai Northeastern folk. It is believed that Boon Bang Fai, sending the rockets to the sky, is a tribune for rain requests. But it also unites the people in the community. Thai Northeastern volk holds Boon Bang Fai in the sixth month of every year.

            All four articles are a good representation of the local Thai arts, cuisine, culture and traditions via the Indonesian language, which the students have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the natives. Two articles from Fadhlina Yapha and Pattarawadee Srisa-ard have been selected to be published in the Surya newspaper.